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About us

The Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government (E.E.T.A.A.) S.A, since its establishment, 27 years ago, has been the institutionalized operational partner of the Hellenic Government and Local Αuthorities

E.E.T.A.A.’s shareholders are: the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, the Central Union of Region of Greece, The Deposit and Loans Fund, Regional Unions of Municipalities and other social partners.

E.E.T.A.A.’ s mission is the reinforcement of Local Governments in order to become instruments of planning, and achieving regional and local development. In order to fulfill its mission EETAA, in cooperation with the European Committee, Greek Government and local authorities,

  • has carried out a large number of surveys and studies
  • was the operational and implementation mechanism of both the 1997 “KAPODISTRIAS” and 2010 “KALLIKRATIS” local government crucial administrative reforms.
  • in its course of action, has acquired experience and “know how” in all organizational and operational aspects of Administration and actively supports local governments in becoming an efficient and effective force of development.

More specifically EETAA:

  • operates various databases for local governments such as: finances, human resources, public assets, social institutions and initiatives etc.
  • has established and expanded cooperation networks for local government aiming at the dissemination of knowledge, experience, good practices and innovative ideas in Greece and across Europe
  • operates as the Intermediate Body of the Operational Programs of the National Strategic Plan for the financing of local development projects.
  • supports innovative projects aiming at social cohesion and economic growth as well as at the development of local economy and employability.
  • promotes life long learning. Has been operating as a certified center of vocational training aiming to improve and bring up to date the professional skills of municipalities’ employees.
  • participates in international and European networks establishing cooperations with universities and research centers

EFD –EETAA is an Intermediate Management Body for National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), the Rural Development Programme and the Operational Programme “Fisheries”. In this capacity it issues calls of proposals to beneficiaries mainly municipalities for the implementation of technical projects oriented in infrastructure (such us water supply networks, reconstruction of urban areas ,green areas enhancement, road construction ,construction of municipalities multi-purpose centres, environmental regenerations etc.)

In addition with the cooperation of the rest Units of EETAA its mission is to support and strengthen the Greek Local Administration in the effective management and implementation of EU co-funded Operational Programmes, covering needs in management systems, tools, procedures and know-how.

EETAA’s scientific and technical personnel consist of highly qualified professionals, with expertise in all fields of local and regional development, along with broad knowledge of European and International trends and policies.

EETAA has established an extended network of professionals and experts on various fields, in order to be able to provide support during the planning and implementation process of programs and policies.